Is it possible that the Mediterranean could dry up if we do not stop emitting greenhouse gases?

I think that will be very unlikely. The thing with climate change is we often focus on the warming of the atmosphere and we often talk about global warming but one of the effects of climate change and global warming is that we actually increase the amount of evaporation from the oceans which goes into the atmosphere and actually can create more intense and more frequent rainfall. So some of you might be aware of something called the water cycle which is this process whereby rivers transfer water into the ocean, it evaporates and forms clouds and then it cycles back and forms rain again. And we know from evidence and observations that climate change is causing that water cycle almost to speed up. So I think it’s very unlikely that large lakes and seas will every dry up because we will still be getting lots and lots of rainfall. There will be some parts of the world located very far away from oceans that might experience more droughts but it is very unlikely that somewhere like the Mediterranean would dry up because there will be increased rainfall as well as part of global warming – Chris Stokes.

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