ECO2 Smart Homes

What is ECO2 Smart Homes?

The ECO Smart Homes Programme is designed to help pupils to save energy at home.

Through a series of curriculum linked assemblies, in-class sessions and homework tasks KS1, KS2 and KS3 will learn about climate change. In addition, KS2 and KS3 will also learn about renewable energy and designing sustainable houses. 

This programme has been made in partnership with OASES and Durham County Council’s Energy and Housing Teams. The aim is to save energy across County Durham, whilst also signposting families towards housing efficiency support and grants from Durham County Council. 

Further Information

If your child is taking part in the ECO2 Smart Homes project, please read the FAQs.

Below is an outline of the ECO2 Smart Homes sessions for each Key Stage (KS1 – 3). An education pack is provided so that you can work through the sessions yourself. If you wish to have the sessions delivered by your ECO2 Smart Schools Officer, contact OASES. This service is free for schools with an Energy Management SLA with Durham County Council.

Key Stage 1

The ECO2 Smart Homes KS1 session is based around the storybook Greta and the Giants by Zoë Ticker and Zoe Persico (you do not need a copy of the book to take part). It explores the parallels between humans and ‘the giants’ and helps young children to understand how our actions can affect the world, and what actions we can take to stop climate change. Children will then find out what items use electricity both at school and at home.

Key Stage 2 and 3

The ECO2 Smart Homes KS2 and KS3 programmes are split into three curriculum linked sessions, each with a corresponding homework task:

Session 1: Climate Change.                                                                                            Session 1 Homework: Climate Change Quiz.

Session 2: Saving Energy                                                                                                Session 2 Homework: Saving Energy Quiz.

Session 3: Sustainable Houses                                                                                      Session 3 Homework: Home Energy Audit

ECO2 Smart Homes Resources


We help you create practical and engaging learning experiences exploring energy, climate change and the environment throughout the curriculum.


Through our support and expertise we help schools to make significant savings through practical changes and implementation of the programme.


Resources for the whole school community to learn more about the environment and how to make positive changes to safeguard it for the future for all.