FAQs - ECO2 Smart Homes

ECO2 Smart Homes is a project that has been rolled out across County Durham. It aims to help children to save energy at home. KS1 classes will have one session and one piece of homework to complete. KS2 and KS3 classes will have three sessions and three pieces of homework to complete. These sessions will be focused on Climate Change, Energy Saving and Sustainable Homes. Your child might need your help to complete the homework.
How can my KS1 child complete the Homework?
Your child will have brought home a worksheet. They will need to go around the house and count the number of different electrical devices in the house (i.e. lights, computers, tablets etc.). They will have practised this in their classroom at school.

How can my KS2 or KS3 child complete the homework?
Homework is brought home in two different ways in KS2 and KS3 depending on the school your child goes to. Some will bring home a worksheet each week. This will need to be completed and returned to your child’s school one week after.
Week 1- Climate Change
Week 2- Energy Saving
Week 3: Sustainable Homes- Home Energy Audit

Help! My child brought home a homework sheet, but something has happened to it!
You can download copies of the homework sheet here.

I have been given a questionnaire to fill in, about Durham County Councils Warm and Healthy Homes, what is this?
This is an optional questionnaire to signpost homeowners towards energy efficiency
 grant schemes that can help you keep your home warmer and safer. These include:

  • Free* wall and loft insulation grants to keep the heat in your home
  • Grants* for gas boilers for low income households with ill health
  • Free advice on how to get the lowest energy tariff and help with fuel debts
  • Free home fire safety check from the Fire and Rescue Service

You can fill in the form you have received and return it to your child’s school, or you can fill it in online.
For more information, please visit the Durham County Council website

I would like to learn more about energy saving to help my child with their homework.
Download the information sheets to learn more about energy saving.

I would like to learn more about climate change to help my child with their homework.                                                                                          Visit c4cc.org.uk to learn more about climate change.