How can we help and what actions can we take?

We can all do something and anything you do will be a positive contribution. For me one of the most impactful things is, I’m just starting my career in renewable energy and I think that if energy or renewable energy is one of your passions then it could be having a career in that sector could be one of the most impactful things that you could do – Henna Bains, Durham University.

I think it is a collective shared problem and whilst the scale of it is very significant, you know there are over seven billion people living on planet Earth and if each person makes a small change then that adds up to something really significant. So for me there are things that I do, choices I make such as working to walk or taking the bus instead of driving. And you too can make choices about what you eat or how you travel – there are lots of little small choices as individuals that each of us can make and together that really adds up to make a very significant contribution – Professor Douglas Halliday, Durham University.

I think on a personal level it’s thinking about the impact that every small action you do has on climate change. Climate change isn’t just an issue about greenhouse gases or power stations as something that we can do to make a positive difference in everything that we do, every action that we take. We should be conscious of that as we go through our daily lives – Alan Patrickson, Durham County Council.

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