FAQs - ECO2 Smart Schools Climate Conference

Is there a cost to take part in the ECO₂ Smart Schools Climate Conference?
Schools that are part of the Energy Management SLA with Durham County Council do not have to pay to take part.

My school is not in Durham County Council’s Energy Management SLA, but would like to take part.
To take part in the ECO2 Smart Schools Conference there is a cost of £249 for primary schools and £449 for secondary schools. Email info@oasesnortheast.org.uk to sign up.

When will the virtual event take place?
The virtual event is scheduled for the Autumn term, date tbc.

Will my pupils have to do anything to prepare before the virtual event?
Yes, pupils will be given an education pack which they will need to work through before the event. The pack will include information on climate change, COP26 and prepare them for their part in the virtual event.

If we already have links with a school overseas, what do we have to do?
If your school has a link with another school overseas, let us know by replying to this email or contacting info@oasesnortheast.org.uk.

What age do my pupils have to be to take part?
It is recommended for pupils aged 9 – 14.

Can my class, form, eco group or school council take part?
Yes! Any group of enthusiastic children (aged 9-14) can take part, whether it be a class, form group, eco group or school council. 

When is the deadline for signing up?
Email info@oasesnortheast.org.uk by the 1st May 2021 to guarantee a place. Expressions of interest after this time will be looked at on a case by case basis.

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