FAQs - ECO2 Smart Schools Climate Conference

Is there a cost to take part in the ECO₂ Smart Schools Climate Conference?
Schools that are part of the Energy Management SLA with Durham County Council do not have to pay to take part.

My school is not in Durham County Council’s Energy Management SLA, but would like to take part.
To take part in the ECO2 Smart Schools Conference there is a cost of £249 for primary schools and £449 for secondary schools. Email info@oasesnortheast.org.uk to sign up.

What age do my pupils have to be to take part?
It is recommended for pupils aged 7 – 14.

Can my class, form, eco group or school council take part?
Yes! Any group of enthusiastic young people (aged 7 – 14) can take part, whether it be a class, form group, eco group or school council. 

When is the deadline for signing up?
Email info@oasesnortheast.org.uk by the 30th June 2021 to guarantee a place. Expressions of interest after this time will be looked at on a case by case basis.

Virtual ECO2 Smart Schools Climate Conference Events

When will the virtual events take place?
Two virtual events have been scheduled to account for time differences. Your school does not need to attend both events and you do not need to attend the same event as your partner school:

6th October 2021: 10am – 12pm BST

14th October 2021: 1pm – 3pm BST

ECO2 Smart Schools Climate Conference Education Pack

What is the education pack?
The education pack contains nine lessons, each with a lesson plan, PowerPoint (which includes links to videos created by Durham University professors) and supporting resources. Of the nine lessons, there are four core lessons (lesson 1, 2, 8 + 9), which you must deliver in order to take an active role in the programme, and five optional lessons (lesson 3, 4, 5, 6 + 7), based on the five key themes of COP26.  You can choose to take part in these optional lessons if you would like to expand your pupil’s knowledge of the subject matter and enable them to take a more active role in the virtual conference.

Where can I download the education pack?
All nine lessons and a Teacher guide can be downloaded from the Schools Climate Conference page.

When does the education pack need to be delivered by?
All the core lessons, and any chosen optional lessons, must be delivered ahead of the virtual events in October. 

Partner Schools

Which schools will my school be partnered with?
Your school will be partnered as a cluster with several other schools in different countries. The names of the partners schools in your cluster and contact details for each school’s lead Teacher will be sent out to you by Friday 11th June.

What do I need to share with our partner schools?
In core lessons 8 (sharing our learning) and 9 (pledging action) the young people are asked to create a variety of pieces of work including a display / presentation and a piece of creative art. These pieces of work need to be shared with your partner schools before the virtual events in October 2021. For more information please download the Teacher Guide.

If we already have links with a school overseas, what do we have to do?
If your school has a link with another school overseas, let us know by replying to this email or contacting info@oasesnortheast.org.uk

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