ECO2 Smart Schools Climate Conference

ECO2 COP28 Schools Climate Conference

ECO2 COP28 Climate Conference

Inspire and educate your students about the impact of climate change and learn what people around the world are doing to combat it.

Last year over 3000 pupils from 100 schools in 8 countries took part in the ECO2 COP27 Schools Climate Conference. This year, ahead of COP28 in December, in Dubai, United Arab Emirates, we are running another conference, ECO2 COP28 Schools Climate Conference. This years theme is Energy, in-line with the main focus of the discussions which will take place at COP28.

The ECO2 COP28 Schools Climate Conferences will take place on the 6th and 7th December 2023. Aimed at pupils aged 7 – 14, these exciting and interactive online conferences will engage and encourage pupils to share their thoughts, feelings and experiences about climate change. Based on feedback we received last year, the conferences will be split into ages 7 – 11 and ages 11+.

To help pupils prepare for these exciting and interactive conferences, free, online resources will be available, for lower KS2 (ages 7 – 9), upper KS2 (ages 9 – 11) and KS3 (ages 11+). Three lessons are available for each age group, covering the following topics:

  • The History of Energy
  • The Current Energy Crisis and How Clean Energy is Being Produced Today
  • The Future of Energy

ECO2 COP28 Climate Conference FAQs

Is the conference different to last years conference?
You can view the ECO2 COP27 Schools Climate Conference on YouTube to learn more about the thoughts, feelings and hopes of schools who took part in last years conference. We have built this years conference, based on the feedback we received last year; we hope you can join us for what will be a brilliant event!

Can we take part in the ECO₂ Smart Schools Climate Conference?
Schools that are part of the Energy Management SLA with Durham County Council or schools located outside of the UK can take part. If you are a school in the UK without an Energy Management SLA with Durham County Council please contact us to discuss.

How do I sign up?
Please email [email protected] with your name, school name, contact details and the number and age of pupils that you would like to take part.

When will the resources be available?
The resources will available by the 1st September, ready for you to complete with your classes ahead of the live, online conferences in December.

ECO2 COP28 Climate Conference Resources


We help you create practical and engaging learning experiences exploring energy, climate change and the environment throughout the curriculum.


Through our support and expertise we help schools to make significant savings through practical changes and implementation of the programme.


Resources for the whole school community to learn more about the environment and how to make positive changes to safeguard it for the future for all.