St. Wilfrid’s RCVA Primary

St. Wilfrid's RCVA Primary

An OASES Energy Officer has been working with the fantastic St. Wilfrid’s Earth Keepers as part of the ECOSmart Schools programme. They worked together to carry out an environmental review of the school; the children particularly enjoyed using thermal heat cameras to see where heat was lost in their school. The OASES Energy Officer then supported the children to review their findings and develop the sensational Switch Off campaign!

Launching the Sensational Switch Off Campaign!

The sensational switch off campaign has now started! The St. Wilfrid’s Earth Keepers have done a fantastic job to inform all their peers and teachers about the campaign, encouraging everyone to get on board with energy saving! Here are what the Earth Keeper members had to say about working with their OASES Energy Officer: “One of the best things was when we put signs around the school to tell our fellow pupils about our campaign. It was also very interesting when we had to think of things that use electricity.” “We checked where electricity in our school was used, and it was fascinating to know that if something is on standby it still uses electricity.” “We really enjoyed using the thermal heat cameras to see where heat was lost in our school.” “In on game we passed a ball around and shouted out words that represented electricity. We also learned that trees pass down their oxygen for us to thrive and survive!” The OASES Energy Officer and the St. Wilfrid’s Earth Keepers are really looking forward to seeing how their campaign has an impact on the school electricity usage.

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