Ramshaw Primary School

Ramshaw Primary School

Ramshaw Primary School’s OASES Energy Officer worked with the Headteacher and Senior Leadership to conduct a school energy audit. Staff and students want to do all they can to make difference, which shines through in their attitudes towards change.

Walking through the school, the OASES Energy Officer was able to identify areas where the school could make energy-saving improvements, such as undertaking an LED retrofit and upgrading IT systems. Ramshaw Primary has already begun taking action on these suggestions, looking into the cost of LED retrofitting and liaising with the Durham County Council Energy Team to work out the best plan for the school.

“It’s being really useful to have someone from outside the school come in and help us identify all the little ways we can take steps forward.” – Senior Leadership, Ramshaw Primary.

Pupil Power

To enrich engagement with energy saving for pupils, Ramshaw’s OASES Energy Officer led a school assembly about climate change, it’s impacts and how the pupils themselves can make a difference by reducing their electricity use. The children came up with lots of good suggestions for energy-saving measures which could be introduced. Ramshaw Primary also formed an eco-group to help take action against climate change. Supported by their OASES Energy Officer, they performed their own energy audit of different areas of the school. They evaluated the use of electricity and heating in classroom and corridors and used this data to come up with energy saving actions, such as turning off lights and computers when they are no longer in use, and making sure radiators are not blocked by furniture. The eco-group also enjoyed experimenting with renewable energy kits brought in by their OASES Energy Officer. They generated electricity using wind and solar.

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