Prince Bishops Community Primary

Prince Bishops Community Primary School

Prince Bishops Community Primary School have saved a third on their electricity consumption since working with OASES on the ECO2 Smart Schools programme. They have combined behaviour change with a swap to LED lighting and other energy efficient technologies to make their savings. Judith Burrup, the School Business Manager, was keen to reduce the schools’ energy costs and so engaged with their designated OASES Energy Officer, who helped them investigate where they could make savings. In addition, the school met with Officers from the Durham County Council Energy Team to investigate opportunities for capital investment for LED lighting replacement. They decided to use Salix funding (organised by Trust LED) to fund the lights and installation which was carried out over the summer holidays in 2016. The cost of the new light fittings and installation was just under £22,500, for over 350 light fittings across the school. The school are delighted with the outcome; the quality of light is better and they have identified the reduced electricity use, the savings from which are repaying the loan over 5 years. They are saving nearly £4,000 per year on their electricity costs. The graphs show the reduction in electricity and gas use in the school from 2010 (green bar) to 2018 (blue bar).

Pupil Sessions

OASES Energy Officers worked with the whole school, running interactive workshops such as Energy Heroes which helped pupils to find out where electricity comes from and Polar Bear Melting Ice which taught pupils about the causes and effects of climate change and how we can adapt. These workshops helped the whole school to think about why they should save energy, and how they could implement energy saving throughout the school.

“The children were interested in what they were doing and learned important information through practical and fun activities.” – Year 2 Class Teacher.

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