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As can be seen in the video above, Cockton Hill have been working with their OASES Energy Officer to become a more energy efficient school. Through active and hands on activities, led by their OASES Energy Officer, pupils have developed a greater understanding of our world and the urgency to act on Climate Change now.

Pupils and staff attended an all action assembly, where they learnt about action which they could all take to become a more energy efficient school. Pupils took part in active games, creative learning, learning through the outdoors, listened to stories and much more to develop their understanding and inspire action.



From their work with their OASES Energy Officer, pupils and staff were inspired to take action! A number of sustainability projects were carried out across the school, including taking part in the 2019 Earth Day. Pupils wrote Earth Hour promises which were put up on display, to remind them to work towards keeping their promises throughout the year.

Find out how we can support your school to become more energy efficient and sustainable by contacting your OASES Energy Officer. If you are not sure who your OASES Energy Officer is, then please use the ‘Contact Us’ page of this website to get in touch with us.

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