Cockfield Primary School

Cockfield Primary School

Cockfield Primary’s OASES Energy Officer worked with their eco-group, to help them gain a better understanding of how the way we use energy impacts the climate.

In the first session, pupils learnt about climate change and how it is directly related to energy use. They explored the journey of electricity from source to power and learnt about different types of renewable and non-renewable sources of energy.

The pupils then put their learning into action by completing a school energy audit. They labelled light switches with colour coded dots to help staff and pupils save energy:

  • Lights with red dots on the switches don’t ever typically need to be switched on
  • Lights with orange dots on the switches should only ever be switched on when needed
  • Lights with green dots on the switches can be switched on as they are used often

Reduction in Electricity Usage

After completing their energy audit an actions, the eco-group led a whole-school assembly. They shared what they have been doing across the school and encouraged staff and pupils to reduce the school’s energy use by taking small actions. “Our eco team led a fantastic assembly about climate change and how small changes can help save the planet” – Head Teacher, Cockfield Primary School. Their actions have made a big difference and the school has seen a reduction in electricity usage over the winter months.

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