Bluebell Meadow Primary School

Bluebell Meadow Primary School

Bluebell Meadow Primary School have been working with their OASES Energy Officer to become a more energy efficient and sustainable school. A whole school ECO2 Smart Schools assembly was held, which helped both pupils and staff understand and recognise the scale of climate change.

Pupils across the school then took part in active and engaging sessions, led by their OASES Energy Officer, including:

  • Learning about the impacts of climate change through hands-on games and activities
  • Becoming energy detectives, hunting for what uses energy around the school
  • Learning about how electricity is made in the UK, currently from both renewable and non-renewable sources
  • Exploring how electricity can be made from renewable sources, including building their own wind turbines to see how they work

A Responsibility To Become More Energy Efficient

Through their engagement with ECO2 Smart Schools, Bluebell Meadow recognises the responsibility which they have to take whole school action to become a more energy efficient school. Pupils have been actively identifying ways in which their school can save energy and are working hard to action these, with support from their OASES Energy Officer. They look forward to seeing the impact this has had in their next annual Energy Report, written by their OASES Energy Officer.

Find out how we can support your school to become more energy efficient and sustainable by contacting your OASES Energy Officer. If you are not sure who your OASES Energy Officer is, then please use the ‘Contact Us’ page of this website to get in touch with us.

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